Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and I made some resolutions. Not all of them are suitable for public consumption.

One of my resolutions was this blog. At least a post a week for at least a year. Let’s see how we go.

Another was to make the switch to Windows 7. I missed Vista entirely, which probably was not such a good idea, so the sooner the better. That resolution is already largely complete, as my new computers were delivered on 23/12/09 and I started the installation on the 24th. Xmas was a good day for getting some work done. More on Windows 7 later.

Yet another was to get the Econodata site properly functional. Much work remains to be done.

Also, finish some unfinished business: ACS Fellows committee, Gramercy, Melbourne Angels. Lots to keep me busy.

Enough for now.


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